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The Fragrant Garden Scented Oils 15ml-18ml
These oils are up to a hundred times stronger than perfume and can be diluted with oils such as olive, avocado or sweet almond, or in alcohol such as vodka. These Oils can be used as personal perfumes, to scent rooms and sachets, make candles or soaps, and to refresh pot pourris. They are very long lasting.








Heady, rich Sweet Boronia fragrance $9.95

Exquisite, elusive perfume, just like the delicate Daphne flower $12.95

Lush and sensuous: evokes moonlight and scented balconies $9.95

Full-bodied and romantic Rose fragrance $11.95

The mouthwatering scent of wild strawberries - children love this scent. $8.95

Much loved, beautiful, old fashioned fragrance just like Yardley's violets of old. $10.95


Special Blends of Essential Oils for Aromatherapy and Medicinal Use
We are known for and are very particular about quality (we use our own products!) and have been buying and selling world wide for more than 30 years. As we are at the mercy of world markets, availability and price may fluctuate. Essential oils are dependant on crops: fragrances may vary from season to season.

Please be aware that one drop of essential oil is equal to one large bunch of herbs.


Breathe Easy Oil

Our very best-seller. Originally developed by Michael and Jan for the room of their tiny premature baby girl.  A brilliant blend for respiratory problems and snoring - our customers swear it saves their marriages! Very helpful for many asthma and sinus sufferers. Use on night clothes, handkerchiefs and pillowcases; in oil burners and diffusers and to refresh Breathe Easy Pot Pourri. We have repeat customers and their families going back for more than thirty years.  
15ml $8.95
100ml $33
200ml $59.95
(when the whole household uses it!)

Ease-My-Aches Oil

Essential oil blend for aches and sore muscles.
For athletes, dancers or for easing elderly aches.
15ml $9.95
100ml $39.95
200ml $69.95

Garderobe Oil

Moth repellent to safeguard precious woollens (I pack away our treasured, hand made Christmas ornaments with Garderobe)
15 ml $8.95
100ml $33
200ml $59.95 

Sleepytime Oil


A delightful fragrance, restful and soothing. Pop a drop or two on bedclothes and use to refresh Sleepytime Pot Pourri. One of our most popular blends. 
15ml $8.95
100ml $33
200ml $59.95


Pure Essential Oils
Our Pure Essential Oils are made from 100% plant material. They are not blended with any other herb. They are undiluted, pure oils and contain no alcohol. They are used in medicine, aromatherapy, perfumery, candle making pot pourri and soaps.  

Cedarwood 15ml $6.95

Cedarwood 100ml $24.95

Clove 15ml $6.95

Clove 100ml $33

Eucalyptus 15ml $6.95

Eucalyptus 100ml $29.95

Lavender 15ml $7.95

Lavender 100ml $29.95

Orange 15ml $7.95

Orange 100ml $29.95

Peppermint 15ml $6.95

Peppermint 100ml $29.95

Rosemary 15ml $7.95

Rosemary 100ml $29.95

Tea Tree 15ml $7.95

Tea Tree 100ml $24.95

Wintergreen 15ml $6.95

Wintergreen 100ml $26



Fragrant Herbs and Wonderful Pot Pourri Blends  

Breathe Easy
Pot Pourri

Lavender and Lace
Pot Pourri

Lavender Flowers (dried)

Sleepytime Pot Pourri


Use in a bowl or pillow and refresh at least weekly with our Breathe Easy Oil 100g $12.95 / 200g $18.95

Old fashioned fragrance with dried lavender flowers. Use in your drawers as a moth repellent 100g $12.95 / 200g $22.95

Very long lasting fragrance 100g $12.95 / 1kg $69.95

Refresh with our Sleepytime Oil for a soothing night's sleep 100g $12.95 / 200g $18.95